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Lock Snapping

What you need to know about Euro Locks

The Euro Lock is a very common type of lock found in the UK.  If you have a UPVC door then this is most likely the kind of lock you have.  It has many benefits over other locks in that it can be easily fitted or changed in a matter of minutes.  It is also fairly resilient to lock picking.  Unfortunately the more budget end have a vulnerability that is being exploited by house breakers across the country.

The vulnerability

Standard Grade Eurolocks

The lock has a weak point where it is attached to the door with a single screw.  It is this point that is targeted by house breakers in a particular way.  Force is applied to the lock so that a stress fracture is produced at the fixing point.  This allows the external facing half of the lock to be removed and exposes the inner parts.  It is then a relatively simple task to rotate the mechanism and unlock the door.

All this can be done in seconds,  near silently,  with simple tools,  and with little practice.

You yourself could learn how to do this and open your first door in 5 minutes.

The Solution

Police Approved Lock
Police Approved Lock

Fortunately there are locks available now that are designed to make this lock defeating technique much less useful to house breakers.  Most include a sacrificial break point further towards the outer lock face which will break in a way much less useful to those trying to gain entry.  Some will even release a second locking mechanism into the rotating parts to prevent the lock from being moved.

Locks such as these usually have additional security features that prevent other ways of defeating the lock.  In addition to Anti Snap they can often include Anti Bump,  Anti Drill,  and Anti Pick designs to keep you and your possessions safe.

We can supply a range of these locks
including those with the highest rating
that are recommended by the police.